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Open Letter to Residents of Lebanon County


March 11, 2015

 Open Letter to the Residents of Lebanon County:

            It hardly seems possible that four years have gone by since my first run for County Commissioner in 2011. I have just reviewed that letter in preparation for writing this letter. I made a lot of promises four years ago, and I’m proud to say I delivered on them.

            I am, again, asking for your support in my run for a second term. I believe I can honestly say that serving the past three years as a County Commissioner has not changed me or my goals for local government. I have been blessed with good health and a great partner in Bob Phillips. We are both blessed to have the ability to work together as a team for the good of Lebanon County and its residents. Together, we have stayed on course to deliver what we promised.

            We have made the difficult decisions including:

·         Negotiate a lease with the city for the Maple Street Senior Center and create an environment where our AAA staff and our seniors can fully enjoy planned programs and this great facility

·         Outsourced janitorial services in the County building and consolidated the maintenance team to save $100,000.00 a year and provide a cleaner and safer working environment

·         Address tourism in Lebanon County , creating the Lebanon Valley Destination Marketing Organization (LVDMO) placing tourism under the direction of a Board of Directors made up of knowledgeable and responsible citizens of Lebanon County

·         Did the research, brought in the experts, and made a responsible decision to sell Cedar Haven to a tested and responsible buyer. This decision, although very difficult, has made it possible to save the County millions of dollars, fund the employee pension fund while insuring that Cedar Haven will continue to deliver services to our elderly citizens at a level equal to, or in some areas, even better, than the great care provided under County ownership

·         As promised, we have balanced the budget each year without a millage increase or cutting programs

·         Outsourced the copy/printing department for County offices saving thousands of dollars, while delivering a better service

      These are, but a few, of the challenges we have met. Many of these decisions were not popular with some of our constituents, but they were the correct decisions for Lebanon County and its taxpayers.

      I am proud to say that I, and Bob, have made the tough decisions when they were needed.         

      I realize that this letter seeking your support for my candidacy, has begun to sound like a request for your support of the Phillips/Ames team. Please know that this is a letter seeking your support for me; however, I cannot seek that support without mentioning Bob Phillips. To be clear, I believe that Bob or I serving on the Board of Commissioners is good, but together we make a great team.

      I’m looking forward to talking with you in the near future and working together for better government in Lebanon County.

      Feel free to contact me by email at billamesforcommissioner@gmail.com, or by phone (717) 838-0347 or (717) 554-2163.

Respectfully Submitted,

Bill Ames


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